Travel to Hot Springs, Arkansas For History, Natural Beauty and Relaxation

With a population fewer than 40,000 Hot Springs, Arkansas has much more to offer than you would expect from a small town. Museums, parks, lakes, concerts, hiking trails, art galleries, antique shops, an amazing botanical garden on Lake Hamilton, and numerous outstanding restaurants make a trip to the hot water city relaxing and memorable. Hot Springs is the only city in the United States that encompasses a national park. Within Hot Springs National Park alone you can visit the Fordyce Bathhouse Museum and Visitor’s Center, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Gangster Museum of America and the Hot Springs Mountain Tower. Before leaving the park stroll past bathhouse row and up to the Grand Promenade where you can see many of the 43 thermal springs including several that are uncovered and flowing 143º F water. If you happen to be a phycologist you are in for a treat as Trelease’s Blue-green Algae can be found near several of these open springs. This is the only place in the United States it has been found so take a long look. Want 25 more miles of Hot Springs National Park? Great, then get back to nature hiking marked trails where you can make your way to Gulpha Gorge Campground for a night or two of camping. Finish the park with a scenic drive up Hot Springs Mountain and then to West Mountain for outstanding views of the city, lakes, and national forest. For nature outside Hot Springs National Park try camping at one of the State Parks on Lake Ouachita. Most sites have power for your camping trailer or RV. Tent camping is also great if you don’t go in the hottest part of summer. Lake Ouachita is the largest lake in Arkansas and it is one of the clearest and cleanest. Boats are for rent at the marinas for water skiing, fishing, or just touring the lake. Hiking trails along the lake make for a great back to nature moment. The ranger’s lecture schedule is usually posted and is a treat especially if you have kids. If camping is not an option rent a 2 or 3 bedroom cabin at Lake Ouachita State Park. Most of these cabins have a basic kitchen and air conditioning. Check with State Park websites for details. If you would rather visit the lake but not sleep there, you are in luck as Hot Springs has an abundance of Hotels for most budgets. If your visit is for a week or more you might think about renting a condo on Lake Hamilton. While near Lake Hamilton make sure you visit Garvan Woodland Gardens, Arkansas’ premier botanical garden also located on Lake Hamilton. Now that you have a place to stay and are done with visiting the national park and nature you are ready for other Hot Springs’ attractions. Magic Springs Theme Park and Crystal Falls Water Park will provide the kids with a fun packed day. Mid-America Science Museum houses the world’s largest conical Tesla coil and it has lots of kid friendly educational displays. Other attractions include the Arkansas Alligator Farm & Petting Zoo, the magic of Maxwell Blade, the Josephine Tussaud Wax Museum, and a cruise on the Belle Riverboat. If you’re in town between January and April you may want to check out Oaklawn Park to watch the ponies run. Hot Springs has some great restaurants to fill the gaps between attractions. BBQ is king in Hot Springs. There are quite a few good BBQ restaurants in Hot Springs. It’s hard to find a bad one because with so many good ones the bad ones can’t last long. For outstanding pizza that is far from typical try the Godfather pizza at Rod’s Pizza Cellar. Find other good established restaurants by asking the locals then for dessert wash it all down with some Gelato at Dolce Gelato. When planning your next vacation give Hot Springs, Arkansas a try especially if you haven’t been there in the last few years. If you go chances are you will be back. With so many unique museums, attractions, and surrounding nature you won’t be able to see it all on the first trip.

Visit Hot Springs, Arkansas For Natural Beauty That’s Easy on the Wallet

Consider a trip to Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas if you haven’t been recently, especially if you are within driving distance. Hot Springs has something for everyone and a lot of it is free or almost free. First let’s cover places to stay. Camping at one of the State Parks on Lake Ouachita is great if you have a camping trailer or RV. It’s also nice for tent camping if you don’t go in the hottest part of summer. Lake Ouachita is the largest lake in Arkansas and it is one of the cleanest. Rent a boat or just hike along the wooded trails while you’re there. Also make sure you check out the ranger’s lecture schedule especially if you have kids. Another option on the lake is a cabin. Most of them have a basic kitchen and air conditioning. Check with State Park websites for details. If you would rather visit the lake but not sleep there, you are in luck as Hot Springs has an abundance of Hotels for most budgets. If your visit is a week or more you might consider renting a condo on Lake Hamilton. If you shop around you can get some good deals on accommodations to fit your needs. Now that you have a place to stay lined up, decide which things you want to see and do. You can’t go to Hot Springs without touring the Fordyce Bathhouse Museum & Hot Springs National Park Visitor Center and best of all it’s free. Afterwards stroll past the bathhouses and up to the Grand Promenade where you can see a natural hot spring with 143º F water. You could easily spend half a day strolling through the National Park and downtown Hot Springs. A scenic drive up Hot Springs Mountain and then to West Mountain is a must for outstanding views of the city, lakes, and national forest. Numerous trails are available if you are up for a hike. If you feel guilty for getting all of this for free, splurge and stop at the Hot Springs Mountain Tower on top of Hot Springs Mountain and buy a ticket to the observation deck for even better views. Other highlighted things to do include visiting Garvan Woodland Gardens, Arkansas’ premier botanical garden on Lake Hamilton, Magic Springs Theme Park, Crystal Falls Water Park, Mid-America Science Museum which houses the world’s largest conical Tesla coil, and if you’re in town between January and April you may want to check out Oaklawn Park if you like Thoroughbred racing. Now for the best thing about visiting Hot Springs, the restaurants! You will find great food at reasonable prices if you know where to look. Hot Springs has the largest number of great restaurants for the size of the town just about anywhere. You can stay for a week and go to a different BBQ joint every day (the first being McClard’s BBQ), eat a great meal and still crave BBQ when you return home. The best pizza ever made is also in Hot Springs at Rod’s Pizza Cellar. This pizza is named the Godfather. Don’t ask questions just order it and you will understand. For a nice Italian meal one evening try Cafe Pompeii. Wash all of it down with some Gelato at Dolce Gelato. These tips will give you a basic game plan for your visit to Hot Springs, Arkansas. When you arrive take in the natural beauty and ask the locals what attractions they recommend and which restaurants they like. Maybe you’ll get enough BBQ recommendations to get you through two weeks without a repeat.

Champion Three-Year-Old Thoroughbreds Who Just Missed Their Triple Crown Glory

The Immensely popular Smarty Jones! – Smarty Jones had royal blood flowing through his veins, the kind of royalty that almost made you want to check to see if his blood were dark blue instead of red. What kind of royalty? You want names? Okay, you got names. How’s Foolish Pleasure, Northern Dancer, and Count Fleet for you? More names you say? Fine. He has Mr. Prospector in his blood, but that name isn’t as nearly as imposing as the fact that he also has two names in him that tower, TOWER, over the sport like Greek and Roman Gods: Man o’ War and Secretariat.

But even though his blood was blue with royalty, Smarty Jones was looked at as a people’s horse. He wasn’t at one of the most well-known farms. His jockey was not a household name, and the horse himself was just a little guy, barely over 15.2 hands. So when this little horse took the country by storm when he won the Kentucky Derby in 2004, he really had people talking. We all know that there has been no Triple Crown winner since Affirmed in 1978, but in the latter half of the 1990s and the first decade of the 21st Century, there have been several horses that won the first two legs. Silver Charm in 1997, Real Quiet in 1998, Funny Cide, and then Big Brown in 2008. Somehow, none of those horses captured the imagination of the public like Smarty Jones did.

With John Servis as his trainer, Smarty Jones recovered from a serious head injury sustained from banging his head in training in early 2003 and, fully healed, won his maiden race by almost 8 lengths, with Stewart Elliott aboard. His second and final race as a two-year-old showed the racing community that Smarty Jones was something to see, as he took the Pennsylvania Nursery Stakes by a dominating 15 lengths. At 3, he won the Count Fleet Stakes by an easy 5. Servis then shipped him to Oaklawn Park where he won the Southwest, Rebel, and the Arkansas Derby, all in dominant fashion. He was now undefeated in six starts, but was not the favorite in the 2004 Kentucky Derby. He showed the world how wrong the experts were, winning by an easy 2 ¾ lengths. The best was yet to come.

Smarty Jones was taken to Pimlico to run in the Preakness. In the interim he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, and the public adored him. Many of the experts still expressed doubt, however. That doubt was proved foolish by Smarty Jones, though, as he set the record for margin of victory in the Preakness, winning by an astounding 11 ½ lengths! As mentioned previously, there had been some horses in the years just before Smarty Jones to flirt with a Triple Crown, but this time the public was in a frenzy not seen since 1973 and Secretariat.

120,139 people jammed Belmont Park to the gills to see Smarty Jones try to take home the first Triple Crown since Affirmed. Television ratings for the race were the highest for any horse race in 14 years. The stage was set. The gate opened, and Smarty Jones took off with the field, chasing history. The crowd roared with approval as Smarty Jones took the lead early. He seemed to be flying with each stride. As they passed the quarter pole with the lead, Smarty Jones’ 1 ¼ fraction was fast enough to win every Kentucky Derby in history except for three, and some experts felt that was too fast, that running that fast up to that point would leave the colt with no gas in the tank for the ¼ of a mile to the finish. But the fans were cheering, screaming, ROARING, and it didn’t seem he could lose at that point.

Then it happened. Birdstone had been lurking about 7 or 8 lengths back at the quarter pole, and when Smarty Jones began to falter in the stretch, Birdstone had plenty left to run him down in the final furlong of the race. Smarty Jones had finished second and been denied the Triple Crown. Still, the fans gave him a standing ovation as Elliott led him back towards the grandstand. He had earned the respect of millions.

Cutting Fat: Muscle Building and Your Initiative to Reduce Excess Fat Fast

Who wouldn’t wish for a shape which is absolutely ripped and practically free of fat?

Besides, by possessing a beautifully shaped and buff shape, you will appear more alluring than in the past, feel proud to show it off and certainly keep from unpleasantness once you go to the beach for a suntan.

There are primarily 3 critical elements to unwanted fat burning. They consist of physical exertion, appropriate nutrition, and relaxation. Following we’ll focus on the first couple.

We Have to Get Our Bodies In Motion

Think about what you eat as being fuel for your physique – if that fuel doesn’t get used, it simply stays inside your “gas tank,” attaching undesired pounds (once changing to fat) to your shape.

Today’s inactive lifestyles consistently lead to this accumulation of fat. Hence, fitness centers have come about to become the new heros.

To be able to eliminate this unwanted weight you have to have your entire body consume surplus calories by exerting yourself through bodily activities. Muscle mass building will help you melt away body fat a good deal more efficiently as opposed to simply sticking to a rigid diet.

Furthermore, dropping fat effectively involves doing a high amount of cardiovascular training sessions over and above merely lifting weights. These cardiovascular workouts burn excess weight even as weight training eats away at sugar.

Main Body Fat Burning Tips Connected to Eating

First, take in foods containing carbohydrates for your morning meal. Carbs boost your body with the strength it requires for your upcoming physical exercise.

Subsequent to the finish of the training session, once again eat a meal that has carbohydrates. This sustains glycogen levels to stop your system from drawing from its muscle groups for fuel – the same muscle tissues you are trying to build.

A high protein diet plan is additionally quite crucial. Your post-workout meal ought to include about 50 grams of whey protein.

Ingesting whey assists your system to “heal” its muscles efficiently after a challenging exercise routine and contributes to building them both more robust and larger – certainly a component of your goal.

Is There Any Space to Fudge (or to Enjoy Fudge)?

It is also beneficial that, generally, you prepare your snacks meticulously around your intake of carbohydrates, protein, and fats.

For example, take in carbs coupled with protein rather than with fat. That mix burns unwanted fat more effectively, consequently preventing your system from keeping it as unwanted fat.

Introducing variety to your eating strategy is balanced. If you develop an unalterable habit and consume the very same meals every day, your system will adapt and quit using up fat as successfully. Many of us prefer diversity in our diets anyway – your body does as well.

And talking about “cheating” in your diet plan (all right, we’re talking about it now…), allow yourself to enjoy a small amount of fudge brownies or a few dark chocolate candies once or twice a week.

You know you like it, your body adapts efficiently to little treats, and it will serve to counteract urges many individuals go through to overindulge on unhealthy foods. Ultimately, this should help you keep the fat down.

Seven Ways To Turn Past Failures Into Springboards For Success

Perhaps your professional life isn’t going exactly like you thought it was supposed to go. Maybe you’ve made a series of bad decisions or even one really bad choice that you can’t seem to bounce back from. Maybe you’ve been downsized or terminated. Maybe your best-laid plans have failed and circumstances beyond your control—from market downturns to bad weather to a key player’s incompetence—have put you in the danger zone, or even out in the street.

You may not realize it right now, but you do have options. You could wallow in self-pity, or remain angry at those whom you blame for your current situation. Or you can turn your past disappointments into great accomplishments. How? Just follow the path of the heroes who’ve gone before you. They will show you how to transform past adversity and failures into springboards for success.

Tip No. 1: Take An Objective, Not an Emotional Look, At Where You’ve Come From

Thomas Edison believed there were no such things as mistakes, only eliminated options that brought him one step closer to his goal. There is no such thing as “failure,” he claimed, only lessons to be learned.

Most people find it difficult to see a failure in an analytical, impartial fashion; many of us were raised to believe that if we failed at something, we were failures. Therefore, as adults, we take failure personally, believing our lack of success indicates a lack in our character. Instead, we must look at the situation objectively, as a matter of cause and effect. The fact that we fail in business situations does not mean we are failures, but rather that we didn’t create the right cause to achieve the desired effect.

If you find yourself in a stuck emotional state, go back and analyze the steps you took and see what you might have done differently. Remove the emotional involvement; just look at the raw data. Logically and dispassionately examine the course you chose and determine why it did not yield the result you wanted, and then consider why it was not appropriate for that particular situation. You’ll need to acknowledge what you did that led to the failure, and take responsibility for it. But, like Thomas Edison, you should take what you can learn from it and move on.

Tip No. 2: Focus on the purpose on the other side of the pain.

Happiness does not come from the elimination of pain, but from the realization of your purpose. Keep reminding yourself why you are doing what you’re doing. Even less lofty purposes, such as “I just work here to pay the rent and my car payment,” can be transformed over time if you look at the higher purpose for why you might be there. Perhaps you will make contacts that will help you in the future. Perhaps you are trying to save money to put your kids through college. The key is to look beneath the surface to find the spiritual meaning.

To succeed, you’ll need to look at the higher goals you’ve set and determine their importance, then focus on what is good, important, and meaningful to you, rather than on the mundane aspects or the things you hate about your job. If you develop a strong enough reason or purpose to keep going, and you can focus on that purpose, you will succeed at each of the steps you take toward your goal. Without a sense of purpose, you will lack motivation and consciously or subconsciously doom yourself to failure.

Tip No. 3: You can’t see the whole parade from where you stand.

You never know from where you stand whether what you are experiencing will turn out to be good or bad until enough time has passed. A seemingly hopeless situation may be exactly the disaster you fear, but it may also turn from catastrophe into triumph in ways you are unable to predict.

When people get stuck in “Why me?” mode as a result of a severe business loss, they require a mindshift in order to recover a sense of belief, hope, and inner strength so they can move on. If we can look outside of ourselves at others who have overcome adverse circumstances, we can gain the courage to believe in our ultimate success. In your industry, who do you know or have heard of who failed but managed to get back on top, perhaps in another industry altogether? History is filled with examples.

Soichiro Honda persevered through countless failures and setbacks, over four decades, before his Honda Motor Company became one of the largest automobile companies in the world. His inspiring story demonstrates the power of perseverance in the face of adversity and the necessity of innovation and creativity in periods of failure and loss.

When we make a deliberate decision not to give up, then life seems to present opportunities we hadn’t thought of or couldn’t create ourselves.

Tip no 4: It’s not whether you have won or lost in the past; it’s the person you have to become in order to win in the future.

After a business failure has led you to analyze the objective data of your experience, you then need to look at the kind of person you need to become to see the results you want in the future. Beyond visualizing the physical objects or the status you seek, you need to look within and say, “What kind of person do I need to become in order to get what I want?”

To become that person, you may need additional education or training in your field or another career; you may need to hire a coach or find a mentor to guide you through the steps to becoming who you want to be. Or you may require a character shift, to be reborn, in a sense. Lance Armstrong, for example, had never won a single Tour de France before he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Then it looked like his cycling career, and maybe even his life, were over. He fought back hard and won. Today he credits his great cycling success to the person he became as a result of having cancer. He says, “Cancer saved my life.”

Tip No. 5: Accept that falling is a normal part of life, but try to fall forward every time—in the direction of your goal.

We are all continually creating our own destinies through the choices we make and our desire and determination to see them through. Perhaps you’ve suffered a major business defeat such as downsizing or termination. Realize that you can leave that job on good terms with a handshake and a letter of recommendation, or with the threat of a lawsuit against those who fired you. How you handle the crisis has a dramatic impact on how you will succeed from that point forward.

For example, early in his football coaching career, Lou Holtz was fired from his job at the University of Arkansas for no apparent reason. He could have sued, sulked or slandered. But instead, he shook hands and moved on, keeping the good friends he had there. From there, he went to the University of Minnesota. When his dream job at the University of Notre Dame job came open, Holtz’ applied. Notre Dame started calling Holtz’ past employers – including the University of Arkansas. Arkansas gave him a raving recommendation and Notre Dame hired him. Holtz finally got his dream job where he won several national championships. Had Holtz chosen to react negatively after being fired at Arkansas, he would have virtually guaranteed a bad performance review, which could have cost him his dream job at Notre Dame. How we react to bad things today has a huge impact on what happens to us tomorrow.

Like Lou Holtz, you can choose to fall in the direction of your next goal, deciding to treat the fall as a sort of awkward but valuable step along the path of your life and career. If, instead of dwelling on the circumstances of the past, you can manage to move on in a forward direction, your fall will send you in the direction of your goals.

Tip No. 6: “Retreat” does not equal “defeat.”

A retreat can be a valuable opportunity to regroup and rethink strategies and goals. For example, one of the worst business mistakes you can make is to continue to pour money into a failing business; in this situation, knowing when to call it quits and creatively develop a better plan is essential.

Don’t let pride keep you stuck in a wrong decision. Managers and investors need to be willing to change a course of action that isn’t working, no matter how much faith, time, and money may have been put into it so far. You need to be willing to abandon a path that is not taking you where you want to go and start over again.

Captain Oliver Hazard Perry is famous for captaining the ship that bore the flag saying “Don’t give up the ship” during the War of 1812. The little known fact is that he did abandon that ship! When 80% of his men were dead and his ship was sinking, he paddled a little john-boat over to another ship, took control of it, and soundly defeated the British in the Battle of Lake Erie.

Tip No. 7: Realize that pain and heartache are only labor pains before your birth.

Many people who lost their jobs and businesses as the economy took a downturn have searched for years and have yet to find a job in their industry. This loss may have a profound effect on their sense of self. Like Moses after he was stripped of his wealth and power and was exiled into the desert by Pharaoh, they may feel as if all is lost, as they find themselves doing work they never would have envisioned themselves doing when they were in college. But Moses’ many years of exile in the desert was exactly what he needed in order to become the kind of man who would eventually free the Hebrews from slavery.

In any painful, frightening situation, you need to realize that there is hope on the other side of the tragedy, even if you can’t see it yet. When you quit, you guarantee that you will not be around to experience that which makes your suffering count for something. Turn your pain into a purpose.

If you persevere, you will gain wisdom and perspective and finally realize why you went through everything: namely, to become a new person, the person you needed to become in order to achieve the success you were seeking.

Claim Your Future Success

Many heroes of the past have blazed a trail for us to follow if we really want to overcome tragedies and failures. Remember, just because you may have failed does not mean you are a “failure.” Failure is an attitude, not a place. Get up and keep crawling, sliding, and falling forward in the direction of your dreams. If you follow the hero’s path, eventually you will get there.

Body Fat Analyzer: A Vital First Step in Assessing Your Own Body Fat Ratio

The body’s fat ratio is more valuable in analyzing people’s all round health and fitness than weight, so it would be great if there were a way of measuring it.

A typical bathroom weight scale may deliver inaccurate guidance given that an individual can be slightly obese and nonetheless regarded as in good health.

Or as an alternative, someone else may possibly have a completely acceptable general frame and consequently not deemed obese by virtually all medical specifications, although the the body’s fat ratio ratio may be too much. As a result a person’s overall excess fat ought to be the principal focus.

So Why Take The Trouble – Just Use a Home Scale?

The explanation for why an ordinary bathroom scale won’t give key excess fat specifics is because weight is made up of more than simply fat – such as our bones, organs and muscle mass. Impressive unwanted weight loss isn’t just related to dropping just any type of weight, but instead to getting rid of extra fat.

The good thing is a fat analyzer will more correctly find out someone’s body fat percentage and perhaps add some “stark” desire to lower it.

A reliable analyzer will assist since it is going to offer you a more comprehensive appreciation of your physical status by displaying the percent of your frame which has healthy, trim muscle tissue compared to harmful fat cells. It tallies up the figures and calculates a percentage that signifies your body fat ratio.

Could Any Body Fat Analyzer on the Market Meet the Need?

The best way to assess excess fat is by DEXA, or Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry. Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry is a means of computing all of the needed bodily components to verify the measurement of body fat appropriately.

This particular body fat analyzer measures bone, body fat and muscle mass while other analyzers do not take the bones into account. Regrettably, the Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry analysis is fairly high-priced and usually only accessible in medical facilities.

Your physician would be the proper person for you to check out to figure out how to analyze body fat accurately.

For the Individual That Wants a Home Option

However, in the event you choose to assess your body fat ratio all on your own, you can purchase a body fat analyzer for residential operation – on the assumption you would rather assess your excess fat on a regular basis.

The analyzer probably will require some initial information, for example your height and age, prior to producing your excess fat percentage, but it is not tricky to utilize.

Typical residential devices won’t create as accurate results as the Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry test, however it will undoubtedly provide you a relatively close calculation.

No matter how you approach it, getting a definitive diagnosis of excess fat serves as a useful first step for virtually anyone concerned about their well-being and undesirable body fat.